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Study Goals

Why study immigration to New Zealand from the Pacific Islands?

Immigration has a major effect on New Zealand economy and society, with almost one-quarter of the population now foreign-born. Greater labour mobility is also increasingly seen as being crucial to the development prospects for the Pacific Island economies. Outside of the region, immigration remains one of the most hotly debated public policy issues with potential welfare gains from greater international labour mobility claimed to exceed those from the full liberalization of international goods trade.

The research will study the impact of migration on the migrants themselves and also on their extended family and home communities. Amongst others, the following important research questions will be answered:

  1. How large are the economic benefits from migrating?
  2. What are the health and educational consequences of migrating?
  3. What are the effects of remittances on the wealth and health of families who send migrants?
  4. What are the dynamics of migrant assimilation and of remittances to remaining family members?
  5. Would answers to the above research questions differ if it was not possible to use the unique random selection element that PINZMS is based on?

Answers to these research questions will help policy makers in both New Zealand and the Pacific design policies to improve the migration process. The ultimate aim is that migrants may settle more smoothly and that their home countries can benefit more from the on-going linkages with migrants.

Marsden Fund Project

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